Beginner Tips On How To Make Your Own Diorama!

For my very first post, I will be giving you diorama-making tips for beginners.

Model making is very old hobby. For decades, the childhood of many architects, prop-makers and plenty of others have been occupied by this magnificent past time. However, for some it is not just enough to put together and paint a plastic kit of a Panzer tank; they need put it somewhere to display it on.T-18 Light Tank Diorama

Today, I will be giving tips on how to make your own diorama. This is aimed towards beginners who don’t really know much about creating their them or how to even begin to. I am not an expert, in fact I’m an amateur at best, but even if just one person learned something, then I think it is worth sharing. Let’s get started:

  1. Garage Sales and Estate Sales are Your Friend!

    This is probably the most important tip that one diorama maker can give to another. Garage sales and Estate sales can have treasures for beginner diorama enthusiast. You can find all sorts of knick-knacks, random toys and even actual model kits that you can use for your diorama!
    Unwanted model trains (and train tracks) can often be found in these sales as well small scale houses for dirt prices. Even if they are damaged, these are great scores because making your own scale model house can be a pain. You are better off buying them. Plus if they are broken, you can make a war zone diorama!

    2. Be as Resourceful as You are Creative!

    Nowadays, most people have little to no money and buying materials can be expensive. Okay, some things may not be as expensive as you think but they can still add up to a hefty amount. So, you need to be creative! Look for unused objects around the house that you can use to create props on your diorama.
    For example, a discarded toothpaste cap with a particular design (like the one below) can be used as a toilet! Just open it up, glue it down, and voila you got a free toilet! I just saved you $5! It may not be realistic, but hey, you get the idea.

    You can also use the power of nature to your advantage! Pick up small rocks that you can use to complement your diorama. Just be careful and check environmental regulations in your area on what you can and can’t take from your nature walks.
    Trail to the river


    Okay, so you got your materials already but you have no idea on what to make and how to make it? Solution: YouTube it! There are a lot of experts out there that make diorama build videos and watching them can inspire as well as tech you on how to do certain things. Unlike me who haven’t showed you how to do anything but that’s for another story!
    Here is a favorite video of mine from Tabletop Minions on how to create miniature bricks! You may not be able to put details on it like clay-made bricks but they are more efficient and faster to make!
    You can learn everything from YouTube! From painting, to weathering techniques as well as scenario ideas; there will be a video for your needs. Those videos are there for you to use; so, do not be afraid to get inspirations from others. You are a beginner after all!

    So there you go! Just a few tips to help your diorama-making hobby started! I hope you are inspired in some way and if you didn’t pick up anything; well, it’s worth a try. If you have any tips yourself, please leave it on the comments below.