Review-In-Progress: Metal Earth Drum Set Build (Part 1)

I have never tried a Metal Earth kit in my life. I’ve always thought they looked very cool but I tend to stay away from them because they look difficult. Well, I my aunt got me one for my birthday. Little did I know that these metal sheets were a nightmare to build! Today, I will take you to the first part of my build with a Metal Earth kit and how did it go.


The first concern with this build that I had was that working with the flimsy parts. Getting them out of the mold was a nightmare without bending them. You must use some kind of cutting tool, perhaps scissors or the recommended Metal Earth cutters that is sold separately.


Other thing you have to know is that with this particular kit you have to shape the toms sheets into cylinders yourself which isn’t too much problem for me. I just shaped them using markers that I have laying around. IMG_0247

You can see some metals that are sticking out from the perimeter of the toms; those are essential and extremely fragile. Careful not to bend them until you are certain with final position. It also doesn’t help that I have sausage fingers. After a lot of patience, I finished the toms. I have to admit, even though I broke some of the cosmetic parts of the toms, they still look good. Sorry of the pictures being out of focus, I was trying to capture the moment as it happens!



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