Review-In-Progress: Metal Earth Drum Set Build (Part 2)

Today, I will be tackling the rest of the bass drum and the floor tom part of the Metal Earth: Drum Set model kit!


The bass drum only need the stand that goes in the front so I didn’t have as much trouble as I did. Like I said before, these Metal Earth kits takes time and patience because the sheets are so finicky and fragile; one wrong move could easily ruin your build.


Bass drum completed with the front stand (without aesthetic band). Oct. 19, 2016

I finally figured out how to put those metal bands for aesthetics on the drums; however, I opted to not put them at all because it is just a pain. Maybe I will put them on late when I have all the pieces together.  To be honest, I prefer not to have them on.


The aesthetic band that goes around the perimeter of the bass drum. Oct. 19, 2016

The floor tom was probably the easiest part I have done in this kit so far. My experience from the previous parts definitely helped when assembling the rest; you learn as you go.


Floor tom finished (without aesthetic band). Oct. 19, 2016

Again, a permanent marker helped a lot on forming the cylindrical shape of the floor tom body. I used a slightly larger marker to shape it and it worked perfectly. Thanks Sharpie! Give me money! Just kidding, but all kidding aside use this technique when building this kit. It is a life saver!


Forming the floor tom using a permanent marker. Oct, 19 2016.

I elected to forgo the aesthetic band here as well to save time and frustrations. It breaks my heart but, I have to do my math homework!

Anyway, if you like to see the rest of the review process of Metal Earth, stay tuned on this blog! If you want to tell me I suck, just send me an email through the “Contacts” tab or comment! If you like this kind of stuff, please stick around for more!



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