Review-In-Progress: Metal Earth Drum Set Build (Part 3)

Greetings readers! I’m back for the new “Review-In-Progress” series of this blog! Today we will be continuing on the Metal Earth Drum Set! This time is for the snare drum!

The snare drum part of the this kit is weirdly hard to assemble. Like always I used the “marker mold” technique to form the snare drum just like any of the tom.


Completed Metal Earth snare drum. Oct. 20, 2016

Placing the header of the snare was the easiest part of this section because like any header in this kit you just simply plop it on top and secure it.

The snare rim follow the same procedure as the headers; just plop it on and secure it. However, be careful about bending the four tiny pieces that points up to secure the snare rim. They tend to break after only a few bends, so make sure to not make any mistakes.

This part of the build is the first piece to use the stands. They are a pain to put on! First, two of the stands have to be combined together to form the feet for the snare drum. Once you have done that, you have to lodge it to the bottom base of the snare drum. I tried to secure the feet on the bottom by bending four teeth that is used to go in the base but, no bueno ¬†seniores…

Finally, I just gave up and super glued the dang thing… I am sorry that I have failed you, my fellow readers. Now that I have used the super glue, I gotta say that this is essential to this build if you are easily frustrated because it would save you a lot of them!


Snare drum stand installed (with super glue) Oct. 20, 2016.

Well, that is it for “Review-In-Progress!” I hope you guys liked it. I will probably be doing more of this series for the blog in the future. If you like the content, please share it with your friends and comment if you have a complaint! Thanks and goodbye!


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