Model Kit Reviews: Metal Earth Drum Set

This particular model kit from Metal Earth surpassed expectations and is incredibly rewarding to make.

The quality of the metal that was used for the kit was sufficient. It can be easily bent into place or position however it is quite brittle. You can probably bend the tiny parts twice at most before they break; so make sure you build them with care. This kit will definitely make you break a sweat especially if you want to use every part. It also came with its own stand which is essential and awesome.

This kit can be a nightmare to build without the right tools. People with big hands and fingers may get frustrated trying to put this thing together since the parts are quite small. The details that are in this kit are surprisingly intricate; and comparing it to it’s full scale counterpart, it is quite the resemblance.

Overall, this kit was great. The details on the kit surpassed expectations and will give amateur hobbyists a much needed headache.

If you ever bought a Metal Earth, please tell me about it in the comments and share this review to someone who hasn’t!


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