Gundam Thursdays: My First Gundam

The Turn X

The Story

The “Turn-X” Gundam was the very first model kit that I have ever had. The earliest memory is that it was sitting on a fancy metal chair with golden, skeletal legs that grandparents had on their house. I was my understanding that it was a present from my dear uncle Jeff but according to my calculations he would be about 16-years-old at the time, which wouldn’t make any sense since he was for sure saving his money to go to the US. So there I was, a six-something-year-old kid who had a sweet “High Grade” kit and all the time in the world.

The Verdict

This kit is probably one of the most unique Gundams out there. The one pictured above was I believe the very same kit that I had back then. This kit is definitely not perfect as the right particle cannon/claw is not articulated as well as not having the right color. However, if you put in the time and effort to give it the right paint, decals and weathering, it would look great on your shelf for sure. This Gundam would probably cost you about $60 in Amazon or other online shops but try to go around local model kit stores and see if they have them. Going to local stores usually gives you better prices. You can also import it from online hobby stores like this one here. You can find this particular kit extremely cheap but I have not imported a Gundam kit before so it may cost more.


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